my name is Gabriela and I am chocoholic. Also, I am obsessed with what people might think, otherwise I wouldn’t rewrite this paragraph 4 times, always thinking it’s not good enough. Obviously I got some issues :) But doesn’t everyone?

Well, that’s me. Simply, I love to cook, eat and make others happy with my food. That is why I created this site (thanks hubby). If just one person discovers it and my recipe makes his/hers day, my mission is complete.

I’ll be mostly cooking and publishing more or less traditional recipes, mostly from Mediterranean (mainly Croatian) cusine. To be specific, it will predominantly include what I call family recipes – ones you could find in personal cookbooks of my closest family and me.

Sometimes I get inspired to make something on my own. Those trials will appear in Hocus Pocus section.

Also, I love trying out new recipes. There is not enough time in the world to try all of them, but some will definitely appear as My review on this site.

And excuse my poor English, I am from Croatia, but hopefully it will improve.

Hope you’ll find something you like.

If you have any questions feel free to write at pensagabriela@gmail.com

I would be more than happy to answer back in a short time.