This is an excellent cake for all the coffee lovers. No bake, easy to make, quick and delicious. My husband’s favourite. His grandmother used to make this cake for the family, but she passed away 20 years ago and didn’t left the recipe. I was trying to recreate the recipe for several times until I hit the jackpot. It goes great with a cold glass of milk, it is so good and creamy, it may not be the most representative or photogenic, but the taste is all that really matters. Try it, you will be thrilled.




  • 500 ml strong coffee
  • 240 gr butter biscuits
  • 100 gr sugar
  • 1 pack vanilla sugar (10 gr)
  • 2 tbsp flour
  • 250 ml milk
  • 125 gr butter


For chocolate glaze:


  • 100 gr cooking chocolate (50 gr for thinner glaze)
  • 100 gr heavy cream (50 gr for thinner glaze)


Make strong coffee and set aside while making cream.


Melt butter over bain marie.


When melted, add sugar, vanilla sugar and flour.


Stirr well and continue stirring while adding milk little by little until the mixture thickens.

Put the cooked mixture aside.


Take oven dish (27×18 cm).

Pour some coffee in the deep plate and soak each biscuit in it.



Arrange biscuits in the oven dish so the bottom is covered with them.


Spread half of the cream over.


Soak another batch of biscuits in the coffee and arrange them over the cream. Spread the rest of the cream over and finish with another layer of soaked biscuits.

For glaze, chop chocolate (I have used 50 gr.) and pour hot cream over. Wait for 30 sec  and stirr. Pour over cake and spread gently with spatula.


Put it in the fridge to cool.