Delicious meal, usually eaten in winter, but I decided to make it on this hot spring time with the addition of mint to give a little freshness into this heavy but comforting meal. Sweetness of corn, freshness of mint, turn this dish into a hit :)



  •  250 gr potatoes
  •  1 medium carrot
  •  2 sausages
  •  200 gr red canned beans
  •  3 tbsp tomato pulp
  •  150 gr sweet corn (canned)
  •  1 liter water
  •  2 pinches salt
  •  spring of mint
  •  35 gr spaghetti
  •  pest
  •  1 tsp butter
  •  3 slices bread
  •  2 bay leaves


Peel potatoes and slice them into small pieces. Peel and slice carrot. Put them in the pot, pour 1 litre of water, add sausages and bring it to boil.


Reduce heat on medium and cook for 45 minutes. After first 20 minutes pierce sausages with a fork so they release the juice.

After 45 minutes add beans, sweet corn, and tomato pulp. Mash potatoes with fork for thicker consistency of minestrone.


Add salt and pest.


After 10 minutes of cooking add spaghetti broken into small pieces.  Cook for another 10 minutes and add spring of mint. After 5 minutes turn off the heat, take mint out of the pot and let minestrone rest while you prepare bread.

In a large pan, melt 1 tsp of butter and place slices of bread in. Make sure  they soak melted butter evenly on each side. When they turn brownish it’s done.


Serve hot minestrone with buttery, crispy bread and enjoy.